Made by Weichai Power, the most widely used Shanxi heavy truck “Weichai engine + faster gearbox + hand axle” domestic heavy truck gold power chain, it must be very familiar to many veteran truck drivers, after all, in the domestic heavy truck, almost all brands are more or less connected to the powertrain.

January 8, 2019, this set of Gold Power Assembly has welcomed two major “changes”:

First, in more than a decade of development, especially the rapid development brought to the domestic commercial vehicle market, finally, the Powertrain has won the first prize of the state’s scientific and technological progress.

Second, the development of the system over the years has also brought about a major upgrade. The 650-horsepower engine + AMT transmission is comparable to the power chain configuration of international-level heavy commercial vehicles This may also mean that it will give domestic commercial vehicles, especially domestic heavy trucks to bring the next golden decade.

A golden decade of rapid development for domestic commercial vehicles, Weichai Power’s golden power chain has received the highest recognition

We know that Weichai Power originated in the Austrian Steyr Technology, on the basis of absorption and digestion, in 2003, Weichai Power launched its own development of WP10 and WP12 series four-valve large-displacement Engines Officially opened their own “blue engine” road.

The earliest Weichai Blue Engine

In 2005, Weichai bought Hunan Torch, then integrated its Shaanxi heavy truck, Shanxi Fast Auto Drive transmission, hand bridge and other high-quality assets, “Weichai heavy diesel engine + faster transmission + hand axle” power assembly gold industry chain was finally formed, also began the rapid development of domestic heavy trucks.


Today, over ten years, this power chain system has solved the problem that China lacks the core technology of heavy-duty powertrain, and supported the independent brand heavy-duty commercial vehicles to occupy 99% of the domestic market and export in batches Has formed our country heavy-duty commercial vehicle power assembly in the Global Competitive Advantage.

First-class award certificate of National Scientific and Technological Progress

Specifically, the new upgrades include the Weichai 13G enhanced engine + Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive 1810 integrated AMT + automatic transmission HD Z425 single stage deceleration drive axle.

According to the assessment expert group, based on the idea of integration of powertrain, there are four aspects in Powertrain Operation Law, Vehicle Road Emission Control, system reliability development, and evaluation, and specialized R & D and Manufacturing Weichai power “heavy commercial vehicle powertrain key technology and application projects” have achieved technological innovation breakthrough. “The overall technology ranks the international advanced level, in which the Power Assembly variable slope pedal characteristic control technology reaches the international leading level. “.

To usher in the next golden decade, Weichai Power’s golden chain of power has received a major upgrade

In addition to winning the first prize for scientific and technological progress, on the afternoon of January 8, Weichai Power held the launch ceremony of Weichai Power 13G and excellent power system at the National Convention Center, introducing an upgraded version of the power system. According to the introduction, the newly released version is the highest configuration of the powertrain for commercial vehicles in China and will redefine the new standards for commercial vehicles in China.

Weichai Power's latest upgrade, the Golden Powerchain Assembly

Specifically, the new upgrades include the Weichai 13G enhanced engine + Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive 1810 integrated AMT + automatic transmission HD Z425 single stage deceleration drive axle.

Weichai Power's latest upgrade, the Golden Powerchain Assembly-2Weichai Power's latest upgrade, the Golden Powerchain Assembly-2

Among them, Weichai power 13G enhanced version of the engine in the reliability and life cycle aspects have been upgraded, B10 life increased to 1.8 million km, maintenance mileage 120,000 km, power up to 650 horsepower, maximum torque 2650 NM, the maximum torque speed extends to 950R / Min, according to Weichai technical personnel, its reliability, fuel consumption, noise, lightweight and other indicators are leading industry competitors.

As far as AMT 1810 is concerned, it realizes the deep integration of mechanical hardware and electronic control hardware and improves the performance and reliability of the system. Compared with domestic AMT 1810, the automatic transmission has obvious technical advantages; HANDD HDZ425 SINGLE-STAGE DECELERATION drive axle is more than 10% lighter than the same kind of competing products, and its transmission efficiency is equal to the international axle level, 3% higher than the same kind of competing products.

Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Power, who was present at the scene, said about this brand-new and upgraded power chain system for heavy commercial vehicles “The superior power system, achieving the best matching of power and economy, will provide our customers with the most competitive products with high-end indexes, high reliability and high quality, continue to lead the development direction of future high-horsepower commercial vehicles, and realize the breakthrough and surpassing of China’s commercial vehicle power system in the world. ”


What’s more, Tan also stressed that the newly upgraded power chain has been assembled on Shaic heavy-duty trucks since January 1 this year and that, in addition, a full range of diesel engine power assemblies will be launched in Weichai Power after 2020 And to challenge the world-class level, he is confident that the world witness the rise of China’s commercial vehicle powertrain.

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