On the morning of January 8, 2019, the 2018 annual State Science and Technology Prizes Conference was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Weichai power 13G excellent power listed in 2019-1_Jc

In the afternoon of the same day, Weichai power held the “breakthrough of Chinese Commercial Vehicle Power System” and Weichaiai power 13G release and excellent power system listing ceremony in the National Conference Center. This was the first shot of Weichai power in 2019 and won a good start.

Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Power

Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai power, said: “This award is the biggest commendation for our 10 years of bearing in mind the teachings of General Secretary Xi and focusing on our main business. It is a great affirmation of Weichai Power’s decades of solid innovation and unremitting research and development. It is the most powerful proof of Weichai People’s implementation of the national innovation-driven strategy and the realization of a strong scientific and technological enterprise. We have used our strength and responsibility to support the independent brands of China’s heavy commercial vehicle industry. ”

Weichai power 13G excellent power listed in 2019-2

At the press conference, Weichai power officially released Weichai 13G enhanced version + 1810 integrated AMT + HDZ425 SINGLE-STAGE DECELERATION superior power chain system. The Weichai Power 13G enhanced engine has a B10 life span of 1.8 million km, maintenance mileage of 120,000 km, maximum power of 650 HP, maximum torque of 2,650 nm, and maximum torque speed reduced to 950 RPM, according to the introduction This engine in the reliability, fuel consumption, noise, lightweight and other indicators, in the industry is in a leading position. From the single point of view of the parameters, looking around the world, this engine is a very advanced level.

Weichai power 13G excellent power listed in 2019-3

The gearbox in the superior power chain is the Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive 1810 integrated AMT automatic transmission, the model is F16JZ26, is a 16-speed gearbox, realizes the deep integration of mechanical hardware and electronic control hardware, enhances the system performance and the reliability.

Weichai power 13G excellent power listed in 2019-4

It is driven by the HANDD HDZ425 single-stage deceleration drive axle, which is 10% lighter than the market average and has the same transmission efficiency as the international standard, 3% higher than the domestic market average. The complete set of excellent power system realizes the best matching of power and economy and achieves high-end index, high reliability, and high quality.

With the China Quality Award and the National Science Progress Award, Weichai is demonstrating its endeavor with strength and honor. From single engine products to complete power chain for users, Weichai Power has been providing the most competitive products for our customers Will Continue to lead the future direction of high-horsepower commercial vehicle development, China’s commercial vehicle power system in the global breakthrough and beyond.

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